Skeptics Welcome

We Value Questions

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We recognize that belief is hard and that it is worth acknowledging and wrestling with the questions, doubts, objections and skepticism around the Christian faith. We welcome both believers and skeptics to process their doubts and beliefs with the recognition that it is not sufficient to hold doubts or beliefs just because we inherited them. If you are interested in processing your doubts and beliefs or exploring Christianity, we welcome you to visit us on Sundays, at one of our events, or in one of our discussion groups.

When Redeemer was started in 1989, the most common refrain was, “We don’t want to have a church for ourselves, but for people who don’t like church.” More than 20 years later, that is still the motivation behind everything we do. Although we worship using the resources of orthodox, Presbyterian tradition (rather than choosing the music or worship style that suits the leadership or the majority), we always try to keep our eyes on what would most help include the skeptical New Yorker who is trying out church for the first time.

Take a moment to watch this video that shares a bit how those in our congregation are processing this value and learning how to be for another.

Not for Ourselves