Sunday Service Teams

Sunday Service Team Opportunities

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Book Table Team | Brunch Bunch | Prayer Team | Worship Arts Team

Usher Team

Our Usher Team plays a vital role each week, creating a warm, inviting atmosphere for our church family and guests to worship free of distractions.

Ushers are tasked with:

  • Welcoming congregants and guests into the building
  • Providing directions and answering general questions
  • Assisting with seating congregants in the auditorium
  • Distributing bulletins and collecting the offering


Communion Team

Communion is a physical reminder of Christ’s sacrifice for us and is a celebration of God being present with us. Due to the unique nature of this integral part of our worship, servers must be members of Redeemer Presbyterian Church.

Communion servers have the privileged responsibility of:

  • Preparing the communion elements before service
  • Setting up the serving stations in the auditorium
  • Distributing the elements during service
  • Cleaning up afterwards


Coffee Hour Team

This team coordinates our post-service coffee hour. While the logistical needs are key, they’re rooted in a deeper goal to know and care for others. That said, the Coffee Hour Team works in tandem with the Hospitality Team, offering both friendship and assistance to visitors and those looking to find a place of meaningful connection at Redeemer LSQ.

Tasks for this team include:

  • Setting up coffee and tea supplies before service
  • Restocking supplies during coffee hour as needed
  • Circulating the room, intentionally looking for newcomers to greet
  • Pointing congregants to the Connect Table for further opportunities to plug in
  • Cleaning up the social hall afterwards


Hospitality Team

The Hospitality Team is our frontline ministry, ensuring that everyone walking through our doors feels welcomed and included. This team has three service opportunities on Sundays: 1) greeters, 2) pre-service Welcome Table attendants, and 3) post-service Connect Table attendants.

Servers on this team commit to:

  • Being a friendly face to all those who attend LSQ on Sundays
  • Helping visitors learn more about our church
  • Sharing opportunities to consider for further involvement


Book Table Team

Do you enjoy reading and recommending books? This team encourages the spiritual growth of the congregation and offers a place for skeptics and seekers to process their doubts and beliefs by recommending and providing Bibles and Christian literature.

Tasks for this team include:

  • Setting up and arranging books in an orderly fashion before service
  • Interacting with others one-on-one
  • Processing cash and credit card sales using an iPad
  • Tracking inventory through Square
  • Cleaning up and putting away books after Coffee Hour ends


Brunch Bunch

Brunch Bunch is a clear expression of what it means to be a church not for ourselves but for others. It's a great opportunity to express self-sacrifice by stepping outside of one's comfort zone to engage, build and sustain conversations and relationships with others.

Members of this team practice hospitality by:

  • Greeting people who are interested in joining Brunch Bunch after service
  • Circulating coffee hour, talking to congregants and inviting them to brunch
  • Picking a restaurant and leading the group there
  • Connecting with others over a shared meal
  • Collecting newcomers’ contact information for follow-up by LSQ staff


Prayer Team

We know that God listens to the prayers of his people; and therefore, we bring all our praise, petition, confession of sin, and thanksgiving to him. The Prayer Team meets collectively for an hour before service to pray over the needs of our church, community and city.

Participants of this team can be described as those:

  • Having a desire to grow in and learn more about prayer
  • Finding enjoyment in prayer—alone and with others
  • Expecting God to hear and answer according to his wisdom


Worship Arts Team

Do you have a heart for leading worship? Do you sing, play an instrument, or like to read aloud? If so, we’d love for you to consider joining our Worship Team, which consists of scripture readers, song leaders, seasonal choir members and instrumentalists.

Auditions will take place for all Worship Team opportunities, but some logistical details for scripture readers include:

  • Practicing the given passage prior to Sunday morning
  • Arriving before service to meet the worship leader for a sound check
  • Reading the passage before the sermon during the worship service