Renew the City

As the cultural renewal arm of Redeemer Presbyterian Church, we foster, shepherd, and empower the church as it is scattered, living and working out in the world, beyond the walls of any one gathered place of worship. CFW's programming, classes, and events can be characterized by three different areas of emphasis:

  1. theological and discipleship training
  2. community formation
  3. exploring and fostering innovation and imagination in all fields of work.

Redeemer City to City

Redeemer City to City is the missions arm of Redeemer, and they help local leaders start churches in global cities by providing content resources, renewable grants, local networks and comprehensive training.

Tell your story of how God used Redeemer to change your life.

We’re looking for short stories from people about how you have experienced gospel renewal through the ministry of Redeemer. To construct a short and clear story of how God used Redeemer to bring about gospel change in and through you, please use the three questions below to help you create your story. Stories will be reviewed and uploaded regularly each week. To see if your story has been added and to read others, go to Stories of Changed Lives.

A movement of the gospel for the good of the city.

When the Rise Campaign launched in 2016, 5% of city center New Yorkers were part of a gospel-teaching church. The Rise Campaign is the first part of a 10-year vision to see that number increase to 15%—which we believe might amount to a tipping point that does more than change individual lives, but enhances the long-term life of our city for everyone in it.

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