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2020 Redeemer Network Meetings

2020 Network of Churches Meetings

Below are invitations to two important Redeemer-wide virtual events that are happening this fall, and we would like to personally invite you to attend. For many years, Redeemer has been moving from being one large church in several locations to becoming a family of networked independent churches, and these events will be a time for us to finalize the initial steps and provide an opportunity for us to come together as a community to help set up our church for the future

For Church Members and Regular Attenders: Sunday evening, October 18 starting at 8 p.m., will be the Redeemer Network of Churches Presentation with Q&A about the various items we will be voting on as a collective body of churches in our November 1 meeting. You’ll hear the details from members of our combined Board of Trustees, and our senior pastors will highlight the missional benefits of our ongoing network.

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For Church Members: Sunday evening, November 1 starting at 8 p.m., will be an official* online Redeemer Network and Congregational meeting. A long list of items, which we are explaining on October 18, will be voted on that are both network-wide and also congregation-specific. For access to these documents, click here.

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As you may know, our church launched around the time that the logistical planning for this transition to a family of networked independent churches began. Redeemer LSQ was able to begin its ministry because of the faithfulness of many of you and the faithfulness of our brothers and sisters at Redeemer West Side, who prayed with us and sent us out to the Lincoln Square neighborhood to be another tangible expression of God’s kingdom in the city. That said, during these meetings, we will be sharing about how our church will continue to be partnered in ministry with Redeemer West Side while they, along with Redeemer East Side and Redeemer Downtown, particularize as independent churches.

Church family, even in the midst of organizational transition and uncertainty due to the ongoing pandemic, we are excited to continue alongside you in ministry, and we're hopeful for all that God will continue to do through us to impact friends and neighbors for his kingdom’s sake. We pray that you are expectant as well and ask that you join us for the two meetings mentioned above. It’s easy to see meetings like these as too corporate or dense, but participating in them is an important step that we can all take for the flourishing of the mission of our community.


  • At the November 1 meetings, a number of items will be voted on to divide our existing combined church nonprofit corporation into three and establish the path to fairly divide the assets and also elect Trustees to the board of the current Redeemer church corporation. On the same night, immediately following that combined meeting, each of the churches will have congregational meetings to conduct whatever business they need to, such as electing or reappointing officers and Trustees and adapting the status of their pastoral staff.

  • Detailed motions will be available to all members in advance for the combined items and the church-specific items.

  • Please note that interested non-members may attend the October 18 presentation, but only members will be allowed to attend and vote on November 1, per New York State nonprofit law.

  • Please set aside time to attend both back-to-back meetings that night since your vote as a member is important. We require a quorum for both meetings and with the upheaval caused by the pandemic, we could not host this meeting in person.

  • If you have moved out of the New York metro area permanently and need to change your membership status, or have simply changed your contact information, please update your information here.