Center for Faith & Work

As the cultural renewal arm of Redeemer Presbyterian Church, we foster, shepherd, and empower the church as it is scattered, living and working out in the world, beyond the walls of any one gathered place of worship. CFW's programming, classes, and events can be characterized by three different areas of emphasis:

  1. theological and discipleship training
  2. community formation
  3. exploring and fostering innovation and imagination in all fields of work.

The Center for Faith & Work (CFW) exists to explore and investigate the gospel’s unique power to renew hearts, communities, and the world, in and through our day-to-day work.

Theological/Discipleship Training

A focus on how the gospel can renew hearts, communities, and the world plays a critical role in equipping the church for thoughtful cultural engagement. Theological training comes alive when accompanied by meaningful spiritual formation in the context of committed community.

  • The Gotham Fellowship provides holistic, intensive discipleship for leadership in the church and in the world over the course of a nine-month, high-commitment program.

  • Vocational Intensives allow participants an in-depth look at their field through the lens of the gospel during a three-month experience.

  • Vocational Courses for those in finance, law and the arts exist for those wanting to explore faith and work integration over six weeks.

Community Formation

It is easy to lose a clear sense of purpose and calling in the day-to-day hustle of New York City. By connecting with others in our own industry and across industries, we’re enabled to discover, maintain and sharpen our purpose and effectiveness in our work.

  • The CFW Monthlies provide the opportunity for exploration of a key topic related to faith and work integration. These events allow participants to connect across industries and to the city at large.

  • Faith & Work Prayer Nights allow us to seek God for spiritual strength and renewal in our work through worship, individual prayer and corporate prayer.

  • Faith & Art Lectures encourage imagination in every sector and vocation. Each event in this new series will feature performances and/or visual art, as well as a time of conversation and refreshments for artists, art-lovers, and creative types of various backgrounds.

Exploring and Fostering Imagination and Innovation

The gospel renews our humanity so that we can be people who look outward to serve the needs around us — and so that we can be people who are mobilized to creatively apply and embody the hope-giving power of the gospel across all vocations and industries.

  • The Artist-in-Residence program supports emerging and established local artists through the commissioning of new work. It celebrates and contributes to the intrinsic value of the arts as part of the vital fabric of the city.

  • The Entrepreneurship & Innovation arm develops a dynamic community of entrepreneurial leaders and investors who are committed to seeking the flourishing of the city through the creation of new ventures and innovative solutions.

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