To help reduce the occurrence of spam, we have replaced the @ symbol with the word “at” in all email addresses. Please replace this with the @ symbol when responding to an ad.

Download recent classified ads. This document is published once every two weeks. To see the most current ads, please refer to the list below.

These classified ads are a self-service tool. We do not offer any phone or email support at this time. Please be careful when filling out the form information because it cannot be corrected.

We do not have the resources to confirm ads, and we can only accept ads submitted via the below form. This is due to the unique nature of these classifieds — a free service, run entirely through an automated system.

Redeemer does not endorse these listings. Redeemer also reserves the right to edit or omit any ad at its discretion. Any information not accurately provided will result in your advertisement not being included in the classifieds.

Classifieds must NOT advertise the following: Events that are not sponsored by Redeemer or one of its affiliates; medical products; events or services of a political and/or controversial nature; medical services or babysitting/nanny services.

Each approved classified ad will appear both online and in printed form at Redeemer Sunday Services. Online classified ads will run for two weeks from the date they are submitted and will be posted daily. Printed ads will run for two consecutive Sundays. Please resubmit your ad if you wish it to be run again.

The deadline to be included on any Sunday is 9:00am on the Wednesday before service.


Background information

The following background information will not be included with the advertisement or made available to the public in any way. Instead it is used by Redeemer if Redeemer needs to contact you regarding your advertisment and to help verify the validity and priority of the advertisement. This information must be filled out completely and accurately. Due to the volume of entries each week, Redeemer members and regulars receive priority. All other ads will be run on a first come, first served basis.

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