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Catalyst Classes

Catalyst is a four-class series that begins with Catalyst 101 and ends with Catalyst 302. These classes are great opportunities to grow in community at LSQ as well as in your knowledge of the Bible and theology.

Catalyst 101: Heart, Community, World

Class Information

Catalyst 101 is an eight-week class that takes place each fall from September through November. It's led by our Pastoral team and is designed for those, who are new to our church, to grow in community and discuss the gospel and how it's lived out in all of life. Furthermore, this class has also been the catalyst for new Community Groups; so if you're not currently in a CG, this is a great way to plug in and then consider joining one when the class wraps.

By participating in Catalyst 101, you will:

  1. Meet others in the Redeemer LSQ community and get to know our pastors
  2. Engage with Redeemer’s theology of ministry
  3. Innovate ways to serve your neighbors in New York City

The next Catalyst 101 class will be offered in Fall 2020.

Catalyst 201: Spiritual Disciplines & Practices

Class Information

Catalyst 201 is an eight-week series led by our Pastoral team. It's designed to follow Catalyst 101 and has a focus on spiritual practices. Over the course of eight weeks, you will explore various spiritual disciplines and how to practically apply them in your own life.

The next Catalyst 201 class will be offered in 2021. If you have any questions in the meantime, please email [email protected].

Catalyst 301: Introduction of Theology

Class Information

The next Catalyst 301 class will take place in Spring 2021. Questions? Please email [email protected].

Catalyst 302: Culture and Worldviews

Class Information

Catalyst 302 is a new, nine-week series led by our Pastoral team. Participants will discuss how culture relates to worldviews, creation, sin, and the Kingdom. We'll also dive into topics like identity, sexuality, politics, race and more.

The next class offering is yet to be determined. Questions? Email [email protected]