Community and Groups

At Redeemer Lincoln Square, we seek to be a place where you can be known, loved and cared for and where you can know, love and care for others. We're a family, and we'd love to help you get involved with a Community Group (CG). We also have various other community-building opportunities that happen throughout the week and throughout the city.

Catalyst Classes

Catalyst is a four-class series that begins with Catalyst 101 and ends with Catalyst 302. These classes are great opportunities to grow in community at LSQ as well as in your knowledge of the Bible and theology.

Care and Assistance

The Diaconate seeks to meet congregants’ practical, visible needs while also fostering a heart change through encounters with Jesus and one another.

Church Membership

To be a member of a church is to make a public promise to live according to the Word and to support the work of the congregation. In the Bible this is called a covenant. Every believer is part of the church when we think about it as an organism (the Spiritual Body of Christ), but only by a public promise can someone be part of the church as an organization. A public promise, or covenant, is the basis for all society according to the Bible: marriage, employment, citizenship and church membership are all relationships of accountability.


We value prayer at LSQ, and we'd love to be in prayer with and for you.

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